MARTA STAUDINGER, founder of Latela, grew up in Washington DC and discovered her own methods of self-therapy and meditation through collage-making and tracing when she was 8 years old. While completing her Masters Degree in Curatorial Studies in Barcelona, Spain she realized that those early methods were the initial reactions to her intuitive understanding of her own creative self and natural ease as a post-production artist.  A believer in all things coming full circle in their own time, Marta began to face her own issues with stress and anxiety while chasing prestige in rapid art market currents, planning art history lectures and exhibitions. She realized that while her academic training was valuable and informative, the awareness of the self and basic human intuition was often disconnected between the artist and curator. In a search to remain self-authentic, compassionate, loving and productive, Marta has recreated how communities and artists grow together, while simultaneously appreciating art and media trends. The fluid nature of working with artists and curating exhibitions has always been easy for her as she loves finding artistic ways to display concepts and objects… she enjoys getting her hands dirty and will often dive right in to new projects.

ARLET KOSEIAN-BECKHAM first discovered yoga in the hustle and bustle of New York City, where she was working at a fast-paced corporate job. When she could manage to put down her blackberry, she would de-stress by taking hot yoga classes. It soon became apparent that this was a lifestyle she wanted to lead for more than just an hour a day, and the idea of opening her very own yoga sanctuary became inevitable. So she packed her bags and began this new adventure with the city life in the rear-view and ultimately leading to the opening of extendYoga in North Bethesda, MD.  extendYoga’s guiding principles are social responsibility, a commitment to giving back and caring for the environment (and proud to be a Certified Green Business!).  extendYoga also strives to make yoga accessible by offering consciously affordable weekly classes.  Whether she's teaching a Vinyasa Flow class or rocking out with paint brush in hand in an Artoga class, Arlet is excited to share her experiences, talents and fun loving personality with all of her students. 


Through yoga and healing with herbs, APRIL RAMEE discovered the absolute truth that accompanies the ability to harness the genuine spirit of love and healing. In addition to her extensive yoga training with Dharma Mittra, April is a clinical herbalist with a dedicated connection to Mother Earth and healing with plants. April is owner of Antler Alchemy, which brings nature, spirit, and ancestors out to play through herbalism to her community in DC and the world.  April navigates life with one key intention—to spread love and the healing energy of the universe via herbs, yoga, breath work, ceremony, dance, sacred sound and many other forms of spiritual activity.

MEREDITH WYMAN has traveled across the world to understand happiness & health from other cultures perspectives. She found cultures who incorporated yoga, meditation or martial arts, coupled with a healthy diet, lived happy & healthy. She's practiced all over the world and learned from teachers & healers in Africa, Australia, Colombia and the U.S. Her journey really began after attending a psychology college class called, "Hanging Loose," were she learned the power of the mind body connection.

After receiving a M.A in World Politics & International Communications in Sydney, Australia she received her 200hr hour Power Yoga certification with the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya. She likes to incorporate nature and spirituality into her vinyasa flow classes and encourages students to listen to their breath & body to help their practice. 

She's the founder of WineDown Yoga, a pop up yoga and events company in the DMV region, and creator of FlowJam music and yoga festival in Bluemont, VA. She also co-hosts "Naturally Human with Sev and Mer," a weekly podcast on spiritual expansion. 
Connect with her here @winedownyoga and
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“For me, Contact Improvisation represents the more basic, more primal side of what dance is. It is postmodern, it is a deconstruction of dance which lays bare the underpinnings of dance that many other dance forms hide. It also serves as a tool to explore the murky depths of our humanity: few forms are so deep, rich, and potent that after a dance you have to journal for half an hour because of what was discovered or got stirred up,” says Duane. DARREL DUANE is one of the many dancers who first discovered Contact Improvisation at the Center Camp Jam at Burning Man. The year was 2004. “I was excited and mesmerized by what I saw. It took me half an hour to get the guts to go in and try it. I remember this woman giving me a kind of a piggyback ride. I had no idea what it was; I was just figuring it out as it was happening.” Later someone came up to him and asked how long he had been doing Contact Improvisation. That is how he discovered the form had a name, and he was delighted to hear that it is indeed practiced outside of Burning Man, and that he could probably find a jam in his hometown in the “default world.”


HANNAH SKEDSVOLD is the creator and designer of Malabella Jewels, intentional and bohemian jewels for the vibrant free spirit. When she's not spending her time delighting in Malabella she loves to practice yoga, meditate, and traveling this beautiful world!  

ARTOGA is the fusion of art and yoga.