Hero Heads


HERO HEADS® CLOTHING offers unique, hand-drawn designs of inspirational heroes, allowing you to 'wear your heart on your tee'. These include heroes typically not found on apparel, like Ghandi, Frida Kahlo, Nina Simone, and President Lincoln. 10% of profit of each design goes to a charity in line with that hero's cause(s) and positive contribution. For example, 10% of profits of Ghandi tees and tank-tops goes to One Common Unity, a DC-based non-profit. In order to create high quality tee-shirts and sweatshirts with artistic designs that last, we screen print with the best inks on fabric that is super comfortable, resilient, and produced responsibly. 

Emily Herr

Emily Herr creates custom hand-painted murals on preexisting surfaces under the name HERRSUITE. She specializes in careful context-based design with bright and playful imagery. Painting murals for the last 8 years has been an excuse to explore new settings for visual art, work closely with an ever-changing variety of people, and push her physical and creative limits. 

HERRSUITE MOBILE STUDIO is a unique mural studio on wheels, making its ~DC DEBUT~ at Peace Love Yoga Fest before starting an epic journey to paint murals along the East Coast! 

Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Lisa Marie Thalhammer is a RYS-200 hour Yoga Alliance certified vinyasa flow instructor and an award winning Washington DC based visual artist. She is most known for striking powerful portrait paintings, collages and murals. With over a decade of experience in cultural art education, Lisa Marie Thalhammer brings a figure painter’s eye for body alignment, enriching themes and curated music to her yoga practices. She received her yoga teacher training from Buddha B Yoga Studio which emphasizes yoga philosophy and connections between the mind, body and spirit.

Visit yoga.lisamariestudio.com for Thalhammer’s complete yoga teaching schedule and lisamariestudio.com to view her visual art portfolio.



LATELA ART is an art gallery and creative space that offers creative workshops, selected healing workshops and community events. Latela organizes art exhibitions in its gallery space as well as in other local venues. Latela also advises artists, promotes and sells art.

Infinity Life

 INFINITY LIFE believes that it is through artistic creation that our culture can be swayed in a more positive direction. Using drawing, painting, sculpture, music, clothing, photography, writing, speech, animation, and film as mediums to alter the mindsets of the masses. Our goal is to create a new cultural norm, where it is “cool” to be natural, balanced, conscious and in-tune with our bodies and the earth.

Our business is not built with the goal of making the most money possible, but spreading powerful creations and supporting their creators.

Chakra Charms by Holly


For centuries spiritual leaders have taught us that life-force energy flows through our bodies from the earth to the crown of our heads, out into the universe and back again.  Unimpeded this energy brings us physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Along its path through our bodies, the energy passes through seven chakras (Sanskrit for wheel).  If the chakras are open and spinning freely, we enjoy a healthy existence.  If, however, a chakra is blocked, dis-ease is experienced in the areas associated with that chakra.

Spiritual leaders has also taught us that gemstones can be used to clear, revitalize and heal the chakras and return us to optimum health.

Using this knowledge, Chakra Charms was designed to allow us a beautiful way to keep our healing gemstones close at hand.  Chakra Charms jewelry is handmade with love and healing intentions … every piece contains genuine gemstones believed to heal and balance your chakra system.



Flow colorfully. ARTOGA workshops focus on creative and movement therapy. Workshops are meditative, challenging and fun! ARTOGA is a fusion of art and yoga. We offer workshops that are fun and creative but also physically challenging and meditative. ARTOGA aims to combine the art and yoga experience to cultivate creativity and community.